Announcing: PYRAMID's Stretching & Mobility Studio

As part of our commitment to offering the most diverse series of fitness spaces, PYRAMID is excited to announce the launch of our Stretching & Mobility Studio — the first of a series of major advancements coming to PYRAMID in 2020.

We believe that fitness is one of the ultimate tools to feel amazing. However, we’ve observed that even the most expert workout programs often neglect mobility and stability, in favor of prioritizing strength and #gainz. Our Stretching & Mobility Studio is a collaborative effort from PYRAMID trainers and designers to create a space dedicated to the little things that make the biggest difference.

Adding even more functional turf to our club, PYRAMID’s Stretching & Mobility Studio is located in close proximity to our entrance, providing a privacy-conscious space for loosening up and activating your muscles. We’ve stocked our shelves with medicine balls, yoga mats, and bands for activation drills, core work, and circuit training. Additionally, we’ve equipped the walls with a mounted pull-up bar, captain’s chair, and ballet bar for a more adventurous workout. The possibilities are endless.

The Stretching & Mobility Studio will be open to the public in January.  You can follow along with our progress and launch on Facebook, Instagram, and here at!



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