Class Spotlight: Boomer Movers

Boomer Movers is perfect for those who are looking to just get moving!  This class is a blend of low impact Cardio, strength training and stretching exercises designed to loosen, engage and increase range of motion throughout the whole body. This class is geared toward older adults (however, it can easily be adapted for any age level) who are either new to exercising, just finishing some type of rehab program or have physical limitations.

What to expect

Class begins with a 15-20 minute warm-up & stretch section designed to initially increase heart rate, blood flow, and warm-up joints & muscles. Next, we go into a 25-30 minute format that changes on a three-day class rotation to provide variety. During this portion, various pieces of equipment are used such as hand weights, weighted ball, shaker weights, resistance bands, ankle weights, etc. During this time, we alternate between standing and seated exercises. The last10-15 minutes focus on stretching to improve flexibility. Depending on the day, the format could include easy choreography, classic circuit training or a Tabata-style circuit. Again, exercises alternate between standing and seated, however, the entire class can be performed seated if you choose. 

What should I bring?

Please bring water to class. Also, if you have your own equipment, such as hand weights or resistance bands, you are welcome to bring them along but they are provided.

Does it meet my goals?

This class is perfect for those who may be starting to incorporate exercise into daily life, are post-rehabilitation and looking to continue with a routine or looking for a low-impact, low-intensity overall body workout. 

What if I have limitations?

This class is designed for YOU!  Modifications are an integral part of this class so attendees can gain knowledge about how to exercise as safely as possible.

Currently, this class is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:15 AM in our turf room. Participants do NOT need to navigate stairs to access this room. Come give it a try and bring a friend!