Thank you for an incredible 10 years

We will be permanently closing on July 1, 2022 at 9PM.


Our final day of access will be 7/1/2022 5am-9pm. Our first official closed date is 7/2/2022.

All personal equipment from locker rooms must be removed from locker rooms by closing (9pm) on 7/1/2022 - no exceptions.

Anyone who has a paid upfront membership extending past 7/1/2022 or anyone with leftover package credits or class passes.

You will receive an email regarding refund information no later than 7/8/2022. This email will include all information such as amount of refund issued, refund method, and approximate refund expected date.

Members who paid by cash or check will be refunded via cash or check, respectively.

Gift certificates will be refunded based on certain criteria. Please contact to see if you qualify.

Sorry, gift certificates received from basket raffles, community events, etc. will be voided.

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